My name is Scarlett Bardot. This will be a unique encounter like no other. I am new to the escort industry but youve seen me before I am that unique beauty that has caught your eye in the crowded city, I am that girl on the tram that you cant stop staring at. Im always told I’m someone you instantly feel warm and comfortable around, I am a very passionate and out going being, I always treat every person I meet as an individual and really connect on a personal and sexual level for the full experience. You will always feel at ease with me by your side, you will forget all the chaos and stress in our busy lives and just live in the moments we spend together. Im very down to earth, I never pass judgement but all of this is easy to say but you will feel it when you are with me. I am saving to travel the world and pay for my university degree I am really passionate about fashion I take pride in always being presented well with a good mix of classy and sexy. I love wine especially red, all forms of art and travelling but my true love is food. Theres not much I love more then sharing a good meal with good company. I much prefer experiences over materialistic goods.

Published Date: 26.03.2020

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