Working in the past with a reputable Sydney Gentlemen's Companion Agency, I received 100% return clients! With 14 years’ experience in the fitness industry, I am toned full of bursting energy. I am a lady with style and grace, which compliments my playful side. My photos are minimally photoshopped because I believe in being authentic in every way. What you'll notice about me is that I naturally have a joy for life with no negative hang ups. Everyone has flaws..let's spend less time focusing on them and enjoy life! I am also extraordinarily sensual and in completely in touch with my sexuality and femininity. I was placed on this earth to please your senses, to be your concubine. Let me pleasure and awaken you. My background in massage therapy gives me the joy to stimulate, excite, and delight every nerve ending on your skin. I would love nothing more to pander to your every whim. For first time Clients I offer a 1 and a half drink date, at a bar of your choosing within the CBD, for $250 (no intimacy involved). This is not mandatory.

Published Date: 08.10.2019

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