Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Katrina Martin, young at heart and living life with my glass half full. Charming, well spoken and immaculately presented, I am truly one lady you'll definitely need by your arm at least once in your life. Perfectly suited to gents who are discerning and pleased to be in the company of a mature, sophisticated and elegant lady. My looks are exotic, carried by a slim petite frame and manicured from tip to toe, with not a strand of stray hair, or chipped nail in sight, you'll find I also have a penchant for the latest fashion trends. Intimately I love to take things slow with lots of time to connect and discover the characteristics that make us who we are, what drives us to succeed, and what pushes our buttons of lust and desire. To enjoy conversation over glasses of wine, to discuss the rules of attraction without the need to worry about our limits with time. With no sense of urgency, discover that I am not one to focus on the destination, rather it is more about our journey.

Published Date: 06.09.2019

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