The first thing you notice is the warmth of her smile. No, not her smile, it’s something deeper than that. A warmth in her presence, a glow belonging to someone who is open to the world and the experiences it has to offer her. Then she speaks and her voice is like perfume – girly, flirty with grounded, earthy undertones and a wicked, daring flicker of something hinting at adventure. Soon after, your eyes travel to her perfect, pouting lips and you want so badly to kiss them, to bite them. Her eyes, beautiful eyes of a green that shifts in hue depending on the light, are full of kindness juxtaposed with wickedness and sex. Framing her perfectly feminine face is caramel coloured hair that flows down like gentle silk waves, winding its way across her astonishingly soft, round, perky breasts and tickling the top of her gloriously perfect ass. Her skin is so milky and light that it reflects the blues in the sky and so soft that it is hard to keep your hands off her. She has the sort of body you want to grab, grip and thoroughly investigate. She has the elegant, feminine curves of a classical nude, the sweet, generous kindness of someone with a warm and open heart, the intellectual edge and self-possession of an educated scientist, the delighted laugh of a girl who throws herself unselfconsciously into joy and the thrilling sexual confidence of a woman who is excited by adventure.

Published Date: 24.03.2020

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