Real Girl, Real Pics, Real Aussie

PLEASE BE AWARE! TO ENSURE THE LEGITIMACY OF POTENTIAL BOOKINGS, I WILL NOT SEE THOSE WHO CANNOT HAVE THE DECENY TO READ THIS AD IN ITS ENTIRETY!A little about me: Im a 26 year old aussie girl who, believe it or not, is as genuine and real as they come. I can garentee that the only thing untrue or fake in this ad is my name.. my pictures are real, my personality is real and most of all my responses will be real. No, Im not a blonde size 6 barbie doll wannabe and no I wont pretend to be anyone other then myself. I have scars, tats and even a few stretch marks.. And I may look like a girlie girl but trust me, I dont act it. To be honest I think I should come with a warning label that says Warning contains attitude, sarcasm and foul language LoL ???? So, if after all that youre still reading then.... CONGRATULATIONS!! Youre one of the rare few that are not shallow fuck fairies! If you are interested in knowing more or would like a list of my rates and services please feel free to contact me (preferably via mobile) ???????

Published Date : 19.04.2020

Escorts Brisbane

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