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ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED HERE!! Outstanding Massage Outside of the City where parking is never an issue because you can park right out front. Just a quick drive to Seaton (off Grange road) and youre on your way to enjoy a quality massage however you like it.1) Have a read through at whats on offer, prices are included for your convenience. 2) Pick what best suits your needs.3) Call or text and quote what number massage you have chosen and a time you would like to book in. Its that simple. Know what youre getting before you commit.No.1 -$15030minĀ  Foot massage - A delightful foot massage which helps with a stack of stress and health issues but all in all it just feels bloody great. Inclusive of a happy ending. No.2 -$15030minNeck and shoulder massage - Who doesnt have crampy shoulders and a stiff neck. This massage is great for those who suffer headaches and migraine. Inclusive of happy ending. No.3 - $15030minBack massage - Ok everyone gets a sore back and a back massage always feels great. Perfect for those with poor posture from your desk, driving, exercise or just wear and tear. Inclusive of a happy ending. No.4 - $15030minLegs and glutes. Sore, swollen, strained or over trained legs will love this one. Inclusive of a happy ending. No.5 - $20060min$25075min$30090minFull body deep relaxation massage using a Swedish massage technique. Head to toe light touch massage where drifting off is very common. Inclusive of a happy ending. No.6 - $20060min$25075min$30090minFull body remedial massage. Great for removing everyday stress or sports related knots making day to day activities difficult. This massage is firm and detoxifying from head to toe. Inclusive of a happy ending.No.7 - $15030minButt, balls and penis. Half an hour visual display of tantalizing, almost hypnotic butt and penis play edging you till the very last minute. All massages can be extended if time permits for $50 per 15min. Just lay back and relax knowing you are in the highly skilled hands of a qualified Caucasian Australian massage therapist who just happenes to sport an, easy to get along with but at times cheeky, personality. Curvy athletic size 10 body, great E cup breasts, always shaved, neat and presentable. Cash or EFTPOS* is available for your convenience Bookings are essential. As I have mentioned Im working from home so its just me to answer the phone and reply.I do not accept walk ins however you may try your luck at a last min short notice booking. Natasha - 0405 149 469 *10% Charge for EFTPOS

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