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Naughty hot wife Elektra

Hey, My names Elektra and Im a naughty housewife who loves to pleasure men. I am an absolute nympho and could fuck all day every day for the rest of my life I just cant get enough. I genuinely feel sad for men who havent made love to their wives in ages i love to please you and will give you what you are missing. I am very open minded and nothing surprises me when it comes to sex, i can fullfill any fantasy you have and will love to experience it with you. In saying that, i will not under any circumstance do anything to do with poo, spew, beastiality or underage. I am available for appointments 7 days a week and only do late night appointments on the weekend but can be arranged for an additional donation. I do prefer bookings to be made in advance however I can do short notice appointments for an additional donation. I have a couple of rules i go by *Discretion is of the utmost importance as Im a local model and none of my family and friends know i do this. So if I know you by any chance please just ignore this you know Im a really nice caring person and would never dob on anyone and I would just die if my family found out so Im begging you to please keep this quiet. *Please shower and brush your teeth before coming as I put alot of effort into my appearance to make sure I look and smell good for you so I appreciate the same courtesy. *If you are on drugs or highly intoxicated and make me feel uncomfortable in our booking i have the right to ask you to leave. *Please dont be rude to me, the amount of messages I receive where people arent using their manners or just order me around is ridiculous. I have a life too and dont sit there all day waiting for a message or call so dont demand I reply. I will reply when I can. Its not hard to be polite I am nice to everyone and will treat you with respect and friendliness please do the same back. * Please dont message me if your not planning on booking in, or if your going to waste my time by making a booking and then cancelling at the last minute as it is very rude I try to be flexible and work around you so id appreciate just a bit of courtesy my way.  *There is no negotiating on price either. Please dont message me if you cant afford the price. I do give discounts to my regular clients ? I promise you will love fucking me, I am a sex goddess and will leave you wanting more Im so addictive and love what I do. Looking forward to fucking you soon Elektra xx ???

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