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Naughty Boys who need A SPANKING, Adelaide CBD

Have U been a Naughty Boy? Did U do something perhaps U know U shouldnt?, Or maybe U meant to misbehave deliberately just so U could be Laid Over my lap like a Naughty Little Boy & have ur pants pulled down to UR ankles & Spanked HARD by Mistresses?? Or are u a Real BADBOY not afraid to take 6 Of The Best with my CANE?? Id love it if U really felt like showing off & beg for double!!! 12 Of The Best By myself Mistress Quinn. Go on Cry like a girl, Whimper all U Like U will just Go & stand in the Corner until I think youve had enough time to think about consequences & I come back so we can Start it All Over Again Untill We get it right. IM experienced in spanking, Im Sexy, Very Strict & I just adore Corporate Punishment, I really really LOVE iT.. I can be UR Headmistress, Evil StepMother or Any other Fantasy Superior U like, Just be PREPARED BECAUSE when you step into role UR ARSE is MINE..Hahahaha..I suggest A SAFE word & with out one I WILL continue to dose out Ur punishment untill U have learnt UR lesson.And you had better. U Must call me Mistress Quinn at all Times, YES EVEN WHEN YOU Contact me to BOOK.. Im located in the CBD. Right now for the Weekend.Im discreet & work Privately so UR Secrets R SAFE with me. U can contact me on 0410828911 or Through the site BUT ONLY contact me through my phonel IF UR booking the day u call otherwise organise UR time with me Through Locanto. IM 55 Without my stilettos, Blonde Mid 20s 65kg Athletic & curvaceous physique. Full D cup, The body of a Woman & skin so soft youll be wanting to Spank Me Hahahaha.

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