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Club UtopiaatSupernova3am

Club UtopiaatSupernovaclubutopiaatsupernova.tumblr.comHi Im BobbiBI, I love to go clubbing, meet new yous, dance and party to Swedish House Marfia, Ben Benessi, Lost Frequencies and the Tommorowland Crew !! :)Wanna be a member of Club UtopiaMileHigh , Im setting up a new club app preparty before you glam up and hit the NewestClub in the Universe, to met and party like its 2020 !! :) app that lets people connect securely online in the Purple Room and meet chat before they get together ...BobbiBi: Hey would you like to be part of my new exclusive group that is gonna be kinda like an online club where we can all meet and chat ?Im studying and working IT and Im in the process of developing a new secure app for clients and escorts and people with similar interests can chat relax and connect much like a night club. It will prevalidate and members before they join :)...Im going to use whatsapp for comms and I was wondering if you think its a good concept for escorts ? Thanks clubbers..mileHI CHECK OUT DA HOTTEST new club online!! - clubutopiaatsupernova.tumblr.com

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